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Matrix Seating System

The Matrix Seating System was the original custom moulded seating system which featured repeating and interlocking modules to create a cold contoured plastic material. Constructed from plastic, aircraft aluminium and stainless steel it is typically supplied to approved fitters in a range of basic kit sizes along with the framing and interface components which together make up the assembled seat.



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highly adjustable

Direct Client Fitting

Direct fitting method using the Matrix Fitting Frame allows for a degree of experimentation in positioning which is unique to the Matrix Seating System. This negates the need for a mid-fit which is the more costly route when using hot formed or carved foam moulded seating systems.


Long term adjustability makes Matrix an excellent choice for young people as regular adjustments can keep pace with their growing and changing needs. Advances in the clamping mechanism of each Matrix Unit means that framing can be kept to a minimum which makes adjustments easy and cost effective.