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The Interface

The Interface is the foundation of the framing process providing secure anchorage of Seat and frame to the wheelbase of choice. The Matrix Interface in use for over ten years has been specially designed with the client in mind, and ensures the quick securing and releasing of the seat to the wheelbase every time.

All Interfaces contain snap over plastic locking cams with the security of a Stainless Steel back up for added strength and vehicle transportation. Interfaces are available in three sizes, 3/4″, 7/8″ and 1″.

The Matrix Interface is widely used with other seating systems and interface kits come complete with all the necessary fittings such as brackets, clip lugs, cams and pivot tubes. For even more strength, plated steel cross tubes are now recommended and available on request.


For more information on the Matrix Seating System call 01823 481100 or email.

Adaptable and secure

Interface Adaptors

With the ever increasing need for both powered and manual mobility, Southwest Seating are able to supply a range of Interface Adaptors.

Designed to fit either standard or rectangular seat frames of powered bases such as the Spectra*, our Adaptors can resolve problems of mismatched width and diameters of chassis by creating a conventional wheelbase set up of seat rails with diameters of ¾”, 7/8” or 1”.

This allows the same custom seat and interface to be used with both the manual and the powered wheelbase of choice.


* The Spectra Interface Adaptor may fit other powered bases, please contact us for more advice and information on Interface Adaptation possibilities.