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Custom Made Upholstery

Matrix Seat Covers are completely removable and machine washable. Available in a wide range of colours they offer a hygienic, attractive and comfortable finish to the seat.

Custom made they can incorporate added features including specialist pressure relieving materials. They can be designed with built in pockets and include straps with zips to aid fitting and removal. High wear areas such as corners and headrests can be reinforced with Dartex.

Standard cavers use 100% polyester jersey fabric and 20mm CMHR foam which combined meets the furniture fire safety regulations.

For more information on the Matrix Seating System call 01823 481100 or email.

Attractive and Hard-Wearing

Custom made covers

Seat covers are custom made by specialist upholsters to our paper patterns and thus replacement covers are quick and easy to have made without the need for the seat to be sent away.

Greater comfort

Regular (weekly) washing keeps the cover clean and hygienic and will prolong the life of the foam, giving long term comfort to the client.